Research and media expertise

Perspectus Global (formerly Ginger Research) was founded in 2015 by Harriet Scott, former MD of 72Point and co-founder of One Poll.

With more than 30 years’ experience overseeing and running research projects, our team consists of research experts, media consultants and PR professionals.

We have a passion for communications and years of media experience – we know how to tell a story with research, whatever the audience.

All surveys adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and GDPR.

Our close-knit senior team works across all projects. If you have any research needs or questions, let us know:

Data protection

The protection of data, including personal and sensitive data, is of high importance to Perspectus Global, and we take our responsibilities as controllers and processors very seriously.

Adherence to local data protection laws is built into the fundamentals of how our business operates. Perspectus Global adheres to the strictest global data protection / security standards and, at the time of writing, we built our model on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), while also taking into account the requirements of our ISO 27001 certified ISMS and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Perspectus Global is committed to high standards of information security, privacy and transparency. We place a high priority on protecting and managing data in accordance with accepted standards and, as a Group, we comply with all applicable principles.

Panel and Data Quality

Perspectus Global is a tech-led online data collection agency & research consultancy. Our solutions are supported by proprietary smart technology, which is what makes us faster and more flexible while retaining the highest quality.

We have proprietary panels in the UK and US of several hundred thousand active members, and, thanks to our strategic partnerships, access to millions more to put you in touch with a truly global audience.


Perspectus Global uses a wide network of sources to recruit new members, including email campaigns, online banner advertising, word of mouth and key strategic partnerships. Once they become a member, each respondent eligible to take part in a survey will go through strict quality control checks throughout the questionnaire.


Our panels deliver one of the highest levels of respondent engagement with response rates over 20%. We believe this is down to our clear and simple reward scheme: we pay our panellists for their time in cash, with no confusing points system.

Incentives range from 20p to £10+ and are clearly labelled on each invite and are added to their account immediately after they complete a survey. What’s more, they can start withdrawing funds as soon as they reach £4 and can choose between PayPal or an Amazon voucher payment.

Solicitation rules and exclusions:

To keep an engaged panel, but not over-surveyed, we apply solicitation rules on inviting panellists to take part in surveys at a maximum of one invite per panellist, per day. When a respondent participates in a live project, they are assigned a unique ID to the survey and once they have taken part, they are then restricted from re-entering the link.

On projects with multiple or continuous waves, we can apply exclusion periods to an agreed length on a case-by-case basis to restrict the panellists from taking part again.

Panel Quality:

Perspectus Global uses an above industry standard combination of technological and manual checks to validate both respondent and their responses to ensure that data is of the highest quality. These checks include:

Geographical validation:

We use GEO IP address validation for each new respondent registered to the panel to make sure they are in the desired local region.


Double Opt-in validation:

Double opt-in validation is routinely applied, whereby we send a confirmation email to verify the recipient’s email address. We only allow one email address per person to be registered, identified via their IP address.


Digital fingerprinting:

We use profiling questionnaires, cross-check validation and fraud detection techniques to make sure the registered respondent is the only person who can answer a survey.


Expressed opt in:

We’re compliant with GDPR and only allow members who agree and accept our terms and the way we manage their privacy. Adequate management of respondent personal information is our main priority to ensure both the answers we collect and the anonymised data we send to our clients meets the rules governed by the GDPR.


Customer validation:

To make sure each respondent is genuine and right for our database we make use of Google Captcha. We also seek their explicit consent to ensure we comply with expectations and standards set by the industry.


In-Survey quality checks:

Delivering the highest quality data to clients is a fundamental element of the Perspectus Global offering. Our team of experienced consultants will run data quality checks on each project after soft launching, during fieldwork, and before delivering the final data to our clients.

The standard data quality checks that we perform during all hosted projects are listed below:


Inconsistent responses:

Your consultant will review the entire data set for inconsistent/illogical responses in the data on a respondent level. These checks are performed on an ad-hoc basis based on the specific questions/routes in the questionnaire, which can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


Poor verbatim:

Your consultant will analyse the verbatim given in any open-ended questions included in the survey in addition to the final comments page which is included in all our hosted surveys. The responses in these boxes are analysed to determine whether the respondent is fully engaged in the survey by the relevance of their answers. Any respondents deemed to be of poor quality or disengaged will be removed from the final data set.



Your consultant will determine the survey completion time deemed to be a speeder by calculating 30% of the median length of interview. All respondents falling below this will be removed from the data set before delivery to the client. The exception to this rule is if the survey has various routes which have differing lengths of interview. In this case your consultant will review the median time per route before determining which respondents are speeders.


In addition to these checks, we are happy to include any custom data quality checks as per each client’s requirements. These additional checks can be discussed before or during the scripting process in order of our consultants to automate the process as much as possible.

We operate a 3-strike rule within a 12-month period for poor survey answers.