B2B Market Research Agency

Perspectus Global is a UK B2B market research agency and works across multiple sectors providing B2B data for sales, internal and external comms, and business development purposes.

Run by market research specialists, we deliver data and stories which can help you stand out as the solution to any potential customer.

We’re not just there to deliver complicated tables and stats, we are also experts in crafting narratives from data, ensuring you get maximum cut through with customers or competitors.

If you wish to find new customers, talk directly to potential clients or road test ahead of a new launch, we can help you.

We can help with:

We can guide you through the entire process or be used as little as you like. We can write questions for a survey, consult on already existing questions or simply run them as you want.

In quantitative terms, we can find hard-to-reach panels, such as C-Suite, business owners, ecommerce decision makers, and workers.

And we run our B2B research projects across multiple sectors, including healthcare, financial, tech, property & construction, education, FMGC, retail and third sector.

Our research is fast and robust with multiple checks to ensure that we are talking to the right people.

Thought leadership:

Using things like white papers, we can position your firm or offering as the authoritative voice on any subject or issue ensuring that your brand recognition and reputation grow in a solid way.


Our expert researchers provide tailored and specific audit services, providing you with valuable insight into your business.

B2B brand research:

To ensure your brand is up to date and solving the right questions asked by your customers.

New product research:

We can help with this at any stage. You can discover new markets or avoid making mistakes and misreading your customers’ needs or wants.


We are experts in explaining why brands are necessary and positive to their clients or potential customers. We work hand in hand with journalists and trade press every day and understand what we can do to help you stand out.

Recent Projects

While much of the B2B work we do remains confidential, we have completed B2B projects for German manufacturer Dräger, the British Standards Institute and Brookfield Properties.

As a further example, we’ve assisted a national weather service target their potential entry into big tech by delivering consumer data and qualitative interviews with big tech employees who were versed in the target feed and setups required by the meteorological service to update their offering.

We helped deliver the “future of the online checkout” report for fintech company Loqate, about the best way for online retailers to funnel their customers through payment.

Working with Perspectus Global

In qualitative terms, we have experience recruiting the right people for your survey. We are also experienced in interviewing techniques to ensure you get the most from your depth.

We have focus group partners and can direct the groups to guarantee that you find the most valuable information.

We also provide technical qualitative analysis, digging as deep as you like into the data.

When the research is over, we provide well written reports, presentations and even video content which you can use to show your market leadership.

With panels in the UK and in 99 other territories across the globe, we can deliver international B2B research for our clients.

Unlike other B2B research agencies, our team is comprised of researchers, PR professionals and ex journalists.