Consumer Research Agency

At Perspectus Global, we uncover how consumers truly think to connect brands with their customers. Our deep consumer insights and experience shape strategic recommendations that drive brand growth. We are partners with the world’s leading brands to develop differentiated products, experiences and marketing strategies that meet consumers’ changing needs.

We conduct many types of consumer research:

Quantitative research:

We have a panel of 100,000 respondents across the UK, and access to 99 international markets, for online surveys. We run quantitative research projects from beginning to end and you can pick and choose which options you use.

Qualitative research:

Our team of researchers includes former journalists who are experts in-depth interviews and more. Our qualitative research will add more depth to your project.

Desk research:

We deliver extensive projects such as market and sector profiles as well as providing context to other larger research projects.

With expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research, our team of insights professionals identifies opportunities and answers that cut through assumptions to deliver results fast. 

Our global reach means we can deliver local nuances that make a meaningful difference. Using innovative research methods and technologies, we gain clarity on key issues like product & experience design, brand positioning and messaging, pricing and packaging, customer journeys and much more.

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