Qualitative Market Research

We see qualitative research working hand in hand with quantitative research as a vital part of a marketing strategy.

Qualitative research can help you by guiding your research through expert commentary and, particularly in B2B settings, hearing what potential customers think.

On some occasions, we find it can also help you guide your research, because if you start off talking to someone who knows the issues, you can find out the direction you wish to go in.

More often than not though, we find that if quantitative research gives you a skeleton, then qualitative research puts meat on the bones.

The sheer number of responses from quantitative research means that you can be sure to spot trends. But qualitative research is the way to understand why those trends are happening. It allows you to understand more deeply the issues or trends that are happening.

Our experienced qualitative research team are adept at identifying and interviewing audience groups to give extra depth to a research project. Our qualitative research service covers everything from depth interviews to focus groups.



With 99 countries spread over five continents, our research has helped brands discover new markets, assess their global reach and get deeper comparative insights into territories they were considering launching into.

Consumer research

Our panels are made up of hundreds of thousands, giving you deep awareness into the views of the nation.

B2B research

Whether it’s consumers or c-suite professionals, we can help you find the right people at the right time and ask them the right questions.

Hard to reach

We have the ability to connect you to target groups of consumers no matter how niche.

Our Qualitative Research Services:

Our qualitative research department offers depth interviews with experts, possible customers and consumers digging more deeply into the issues in your marketplace.

We deliver recruitment strategies and plans which mean we can talk to almost anyone you like to.

We like to guide interviews through discussion guides and target questions in partnership with our clients, so we can be sure that we hit all the talking points that we want to.

We also partner with another organisation to provide focus groups which fit seamlessly into the project.

Working With Perspectus Global

We have decades of experience in carrying out interviews and guiding groups to discuss business matters.

We collaborate with the client to find out what they want to see by the end of the qualitative interview process and then we recruit and conduct interviews to hit this target.

As well as providing data analysis after the depths, we also offer white paper writing and design to make the most of your research.

Our Projects

We used qualitative for many B2B projects, the best examples here are the D&I report we produced for recruitment firm Zyna and also DAPS’s Menopause At Work report.

We have also conducted qualitative research for businesses such as LNER, Brookfield Properties and the country’s leading retailers and supermarkets.