Mentor chats, appraisals, personal development plans, 360 sessions – these are all really useful tools to gauge what a particular employee is feeling about their current role, job development opportunities, and colleague and boss feedback about their performance.

And companies with good HR policies in place will use all of these tools to ensure they are tracking each staff member carefully, helping them fulfil their potential, offering support where needed, and flagging any potential issues before they become bigger problems.

But how do you go beyond the personal and track the sentiments of your employees as a whole? And how do you tackle the very real stumbling block which is the fear of speaking out against management and entrenched systems – the old ‘truth to power’ hurdle that so many of us struggle with.

Clever organisations will use regular pulse surveys to explore the attitudes of their staff – and make them anonymous so that truth can be told to power.

The results of such pulse surveys are used to help shape HR strategy and policy, act as barometers of staff sentiment, and also to give employees a chance to have a voice on the bigger picture stuff relating to their business.

We work with brands and organisations on such surveys, providing consultancy on writing the Qs to get the most out of polls – and we also analyse, collate and present findings in easily digestible and engaging ways.

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