With new research by the Chartered Management Institute revealing that a third of employees have quit a job because of bad management, we wanted to explore this issue further.

Perspectus Global polled 2000 employed Britons and found that 80 percent of Brits claim to have had a TERRIBLE boss at one point in their working lives.

And currently, almost three in ten (28 percent) think their boss has no clue how to manage people, 13 percent claim they themselves are better qualified than their superior, and 12 percent say their manager doesn’t actually understand how the business works.

While 19 percent of the nation’s workers claim their superior routinely gossips about other staff members, 16 percent suspects their boss is a LIAR, and 13 percent said their manager regularly takes credit for other people’s work.

And one in ten Brits think their boss has no idea how to grow the business.

When it comes to why some UK bosses aren’t up to par, 44 percent of British workers claim that leaders who don’t listen to their employees do not perform well.

While 41 percent of those polled said a bad boss is often the result of having no management training in place in the workplace – so employees get promoted but don’t have the leadership skills to manage their teams.

A further 29 percent of British workers believe bad recruitment processes can lead to the wrong people being promoted, while a fifth (21 percent) think that inadequate or outdated systems within a business can often lead to an ineffective senior team.

It’s clear from the many conversations about bad bosses at the moment that businesses must help their managers perform well, to prevent valuable staff being lost.

So what’s the solution? There’s no silver bullet, but leadership training is obviously key, as is listening to the people who are actually doing the work.

For businesses, an investment in their managers will boost the productivity, morale and happiness of their entire team – and lead to increased retention during this tight labour market.

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