White Paper Services

We’ve researched, designed and produced white papers for some of the biggest brands in the world. We can guide you through the full process from beginning to end, making your marketing materials shine.

Perspectus Global has written white papers for global brands, retailers and SMEs. They are  in-depth marketing documents that add depth to your offering, engage with issues that are important to your clients and customers, and provide a great tool for sales.

They’re technical and detailed, and can be a brilliant way to show off how your company can “own” a sector.

We think that they’re one of the most effective tools in the thought leadership armoury.

Our Services

We can help you come up with an idea – with a team of journalists on hand to ensure you get the best possible angles and narratives.

Our researchers then jump in and create the questions if you would like to use research – we recommend it – and ensure that you will interrogate the correct portion of consumers or potential customers.

Once our robust research is returned, we cam deliver easy-to-understand results in tables, spreadsheets and an executive summary if required.

From there, we’ll agree on key themes, then our writing team will draft up the paper and give you a final say on everything.

Working with Perspectus Global

We’ve got a good blend of journalists, researchers and PR professionals which means that every stage of your white paper is covered by an experienced professional.

The research is tailored, the writing is well crafted and we can help you get cut through with the finished product.

Our latest white papers

Britain: Insurance, Justice and the Legal System

Britain: Insurance, Justice and the Legal System

This report for ACSO provides insight into the British legal system and insurance. Britain’s legal system is world renowned, dispensing consistent justice on a basis of fairness and accessibility. Despite this, Britons find themselves increasingly confused by the complexity of institutions designed to support and protect us. While in the abstract, our legal system is seen as fair and balanced, when the public come into contact with it they often find it difficult and expensive to navigate, with little idea who to turn to for help and guidance.

Beauty Report March 2021

Beauty Report March 2021

This report provides a snapshot of how beauty shopping habits have evolved and adapted to the pandemic within the last year. This covers the expedited existing trends as well as the repositioning of spend and altering purchasing methods. We also gaze into the future to discover where new beauty trends may emerge as restrictions are lifted.

Christmas Report 2020

Christmas Report 2020

With a different kind of Christmas on the cards, Perspectus Global conducted research to gain insight into how Britain is preparing for the festivities. This report aims to give a brief overview of spending, gift-giving and the ways people are shopping. It is a snapshot of UK consumers’ Christmas plans.



With 99 countries spread over five continents, our research has helped brands discover new markets, assess their global reach and get deeper comparative insights into territories they were considering launching into.

Consumer research

Our panels are made up of hundreds of thousands, giving you deep awareness into the views of the nation.

B2B research

Whether it’s consumers or c-suite professionals, we can help you find the right people at the right time and ask them the right questions.

Hard to reach

We have the ability to connect you to target groups of consumers no matter how niche.