Research can sometimes seem extremely bemusing. Terms like “quantitative”, “qualitative” and “verbatims” are thrown around, breakdowns and demographics rear their heads and results come in piles of excel tables, which seem at first glance to be only legible by people with mathematics degrees.

In fact, at its heart, most market research is easy. It’s finding out whatever you want to find out. While it’s possible to gain in-depth knowledge of new markets, penetrate into the conscious of hard-to-reach groups or uncover national opinions on matters of great import, it doesn’t have to be that.

It can be quick, fun and cheap. It can be a single question. Often our sister company GingerComms asks single questions which can gather quick news stories – for example, before the England v Italy Euros Final, we asked how many Brits would give up eating pizza for ever if it meant that England won the final and the result was a front page news story for Goodfella’s pizza.

Don’t be scared of research – we’re here to help you out whatever you want to find out, large or small. For more information contact