Scrooges look away, Christmas 2021 is coming and it’s coming in hot, looking to be perhaps the biggest festive celebration ever. 


Christmas last year was like no other, with twice as many people staying at home with their family. This year, many more people are expecting to host or go out at least to extended families – if not completely back to normal. 


Retail Week believes that consumer sentiment compared to last year is much improved – and reports that the level of consumer confidence is at its highest ever. 


There’s also money to spend, with millions of us having accumulated savings by working from home and not going on holiday.


All this adds up to a potentially bumper festive period, particularly for retailers, with almost all sectors from food to toys and electricals expecting strong sales. 


There are trends which are predictable and expected to continue – such as in food the growth in plant-free food – Waitrose proudly announced their “Vegan Jewelled Roast” last month. 


Good Housekeeping believes that the trend in decor will be for “home-made” and “stripped back” decorations, keeping things classy – and sustainable. 


However, there will be surprises, trends and fashions which are not so obvious but spring up as the festive season approaches – and it is good to be as prepared as possible or to find out how to capitalise. 


Perspectus Global’s research offers you the chance to find out what people are looking for from their Christmas and gives your business or brand the chance to take advantage. 


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