Building a strong brand is hard. In fact it might be one of the most challenging things to do in a hugely difficult business landscape. 


Once you have a brand, one you feel comfortable with, maintaining that image should be easy, right? Wrong. Your brand’s health can plummet for any number of reasons, particularly in a world of instant reviews, social media and technology allowing people to discover and comment on brands 24/7. 


So how do we work out the trajectory of our brands? Simple answer – research. Our brand tracking research can help you in the following ways: 


Giving you the key insight

Tracking the most important metrics help diagnose your brand’s health. By focusing on your consumers we can see the general opinions around the brand and the effect of your messaging on sales and competition. We track opinions on Brand Advantage, Brand Affinity, Familiarity, Brand Love and Net Buzzwareness including Impression, Usage, Preference and Purchasing Intent. 


We can tailor these approaches to give you a package that suits your needs. 


The data we get from these results will help you work out who has heard of you, what their initial views are, whether they would use your product and what they will tell other people. This can give you great insight to base activities such as NPD, marketing campaigns, and investment pitches on.


New Product launches and events

How has your new launch gone? It may have given people new awareness of your brand – but was it all good? Get big events wrong and you can torch your brand’s reputation. You need to know what your customers think. 


Quantitative research is the ideal way to discover the big picture view of your events. That way, you can ignore the noise around complainants and focus on solving problems. 


Campaign evaluation

Brand tracking helps you target your marketing much better. If it’s just awareness, then push for that, if you wish to drive sales then that might require a different approach and if you want customer retention then something else again might be more important. 


Once you have that focus, brand tracking can help you measure the success on a very granular level and find out exactly what effect your campaign has had. 


Following on from this, it means you get a more detailed understanding of the return on investment of all your marketing initiatives. It’s so difficult to filter the data which you need, from all the potential information. Consistently tracking your brand makes this filtering process a lot easier. You’ll know how your image has performed consistently over time, through all the metrics decided above. 


Competition Comparisons 

Do you know how your brand matches up against the competition? Do you know whether you are the brand of choice for your primary audience? It can be difficult to measure up your position in the market. However, with our data points measuring customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand preference, you can get a 360 degree view of your company in the world. It can tell you if you need to re-evaluate your entire marketing strategy or merely make a few tweaks. 


Self analysis

If you have problems or underperforming, it can be difficult to spot – and it’s obviously easier to avoid confronting problems in your own outfit. However, these problems if undiagnosed can continue to grow and even become fatal. Brand tracking can function as an early alarm system and allow you to spot trends before they even become a big issue. Once you’ve collected the relevant data and worked out what is upsetting customers or potential customers, it becomes much easier to adjust. 


Whatever reasons you come to tracking for, we believe it is a vital part of maintaining a healthy and effective brand. For more information contact