Good jokes and anecdotes get repeated and passed down.


The earliest story written down by man was the epic of Gilgamesh – penned some 2,000 years before the Bible – and yet the ideas and narratives live on.


Flawed but epic heroes on a quest – such as Batman – can be directly compared to his Assyrian ancestor.


Much research needs to be done quickly – a snapshot of opinion at a specific time. The results however can have impact for years to come, particularly if it’s done well and tells an interesting story.


In 2018, GingerComms and Perspectus Global conducted a survey for Virgin Media about the life performances of people based on the roles they played in the nativity.

It revealed that people who played the Ox were the big earners, people who played Mary were the biggest extroverts and were most content in life, followed by Joseph.


People who were the fairy were most likely to work in health care while innkeepers were more likely to go into manual labour.


Today in 2021, as we approach the festive period, the study remains a talking point.


This tweet garnered thousands of likes, retweets and people telling their own stories.


And this is far from a one-off, we’ve seen it happen with other topics, from the most annoying sounds in the world to more serious projects about period poverty. Good research remains in the memory.


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