We’ve become aware in recent years that misinformation is everywhere. One of the growing vital problems of our age is working out fact from fiction. It’s not mere propaganda, rumours about science, celebrity deaths and even local news are so often twisted and dispersed so far that it can be difficult to know where to turn.

There’s no end to confusion too, when it comes to trends and marketing. Can you trust a twitter survey or a dredge through facebook or social media to give you a definite flavour of what consumers or people you sell to actually believe? We’d venture that you definitely cannot.

And so robust research becomes more important than ever. Proper questions given to balanced weighted samples deliver robust results and information that you can rely on.

When it comes to data, we like rules. Perspectus Global is an MRS member, subscribes to the MRS code of conduct and is compliant in all forms from data privacy and GDPR to the fundamentals of research questions.

Adherence to these fundamental principles guides all our work. And they help to ensure that our research is always reliable.

But we’re also determined to go a step further and ensure that you don’t get misleading data. We check and double check questions from the off and have a screening process for our panels which ensures we get the right people who will give thoughtful answers.

And afterwards, when we get results we can sift through it and ensure any outliers or unusual trends are spotted – so you can make your own mind up about whether they are important or not.

And as our surveys are anonymous, people are more free to give their actual thoughts, which could be distorted by social media pressure.

With a large sample size from a diverse population, you can get robust research that you can trust. It can be a relief to find that you don’t have to base decisions on dubious sources.

To help kick off a reliable look at your industry, contact us at info@perspectusglobal.com