We ran research exploring the correlation between 2000 Brits’ star signs and how they feel about Halloween and the supernatural, and revealed some very interesting insights.

Key findings from the study are below, and to read your full Halloween horror-scope, compiled by the GingerComms experts, click here.

Spooky Scorpios love Halloween the most of all signs, with almost a quarter (22%) saying it’s their favourite time of year, compared to an overall average of 16%.

Pisces, however, like Halloween the least, with only one in ten (11%) saying it was their favourite time of year.

If you’re a timid Taurus, you’re most likely to need a night light, with 17% of those polled admitting they are scared of the dark, compared to an overall average of 12%.

More Capricons than any other zodiac sign claim to have seen a ghost (14%), and Pisces are the sign that is most likely to sometimes worry that there is someone – or something – hiding under their bed (12%).

The sign that is most likely to pull the blanket over their heads if something goes bump in the night is cowardly Cancer, with 14% admitting to be scaredy cats, compared to an overall average of 10%.

Yet Aries are most likely to confess to being scared of ghosts and the supernatural (11%).



Down-to-earth Sagitarrians are the least likely to have seen a ghost (just 4% say they have), and also to think they have psychic powers (just 5% claim they have).

Watch out for Aquarians, as more of them than any other sign say they’d like to be a witch or wizard (13%).

Yet Leos are the most likely to have tried to practise witchcraft, with more than one in 20 (6%) admitting to having cast a spell in the past.

More Geminis than any other sign believe they have psychic powers – 12%, compared to an overall average of 7%.

When it comes to the myth of Dracula, more Libras believe in the existence of vampires than any other sign (8% compared to an overall average of 4%).

Virgos are the biggest horror film fans, with more than a third (34%) claiming to love a scary flick, compared to an overall average of 29%.

Research of 2000 British adults conducted by Perspectus Global in Oct 2022

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