In recent years, Market Research has evolved hugely, from the old days of postal surveys, through phone calls and finally to online polls.

Now with the growth of AI, things will continue to change – so we thought it might be fun to look at what might happen to the industry in the next few decades.

Growth of Big Data

The sheer amount of data we have at our fingertips is enormous – from social media, to e-commerce and Customer relationship management systems. And it’s going to get even bigger. Finding out what people think is going to get more precise. And also, using this data, it will become easier to make even better, even more solid predictions.

Truthful reactions

Machines to uncover instantly what people really think should be feasible within a few years – facial coding and emotional AI measures. That doesn’t mean this will definitely happen of course. There are huge privacy implications – imagine someone giving you a gift and being able to tell exactly if you liked it or not. It’s a pretty scary thought for anyone who has opened a pair of awful socks at Christmas.

Game based surveys

Answer some questions while you play a game or games designed specifically to uncover what people would do in certain situations. We know that blue hedgehogs will collect coins and that plumbers will jump over barrels thrown by monkeys but more modern games could tell us more using purpose built research tools.

Community panels

We like the idea of groups of people having more say on their own experience. It happens already but firms could be more proactive in searching out online, real-time meetings of groups – even protestors – to uncover their feelings.

Continuous feedback

Soon it should be possible to have continuous customer feedback loops directly into the life of a product. So if you’re happy with your fridge, you tell it. You can tell your phone manufacturer right away when the battery life starts to fade. Or if your leg hurts while driving, the manufacturer gets told and hopefully improves on driving position in the next model.

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