If you’re a brand that operates in multiple countries, conducting international market research is a no brainer. Consumers in different countries have different priorities – and being able to survey them to find out how best to react to their needs is vital.

And when you conduct research across multiple countries, something fun can happen.

You get to see cultural differences which are not just useful for market research purposes, but also can be great for PR purposes.

Although we’re a UK based research agency and considered experts in the UK market, a fair bit of Perspectus Global’s research is international work. We’ve got panels in 99 countries around the world and a reach of millions of people across the globe.

While researching across multiple territories for a white paper for online check out company Loqate, we discovered that the Dutch tend to spend considerably longer before paying on a website than other countries. This is interesting – why do people in the Netherlands ponder more before making a purchase?

And useful to know – as if you have an online shop selling to the Netherlands you could add a couple more  “Have you considered” items before they enter their payment details than you might do if the shop is selling to France.

From an international survey we conducted for Sushi Daily, we discovered that the average German eats lunch 40 minutes earlier than their neighbours France. And they also eat 300 calories more for their midday meal. Food for thought – and very useful for a brand that delivers lunches.

Other insights include the fact that Brits go to bed earlier than people from almost any other country in Europe, which emerged from an international study we ran for a bed company.

International research, then, is valuable and fun. If you’re looking for an international research agency, to discuss global surveys and more, get in touch: info@perspectusglobal.com.